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Aboki can turn a concept to life.
We like to take things a step further with daring and dynamic animation.
Driven by our love for adventure, we became what we are through experience.


Aboki – een studio voor animatie en motion design met roots in de interactieve media. We hebben een ervaren team van creatieve professionals waarmee we gepassioneerd werken aan onze projecten, en door een uitgebreid netwerk van professionals hebben we bewezen opdrachten van elk formaat aan te kunnen.

Aboki – an animation and motion design studio with roots in interactive media. We have an experienced team of creative professionals with whom we passionately work on our projects, and with our extensive network of professionals we’ve proven to be able to realise projects of any size.


Aboki is sterk en ervaren op het gebied van interactie animatie, design en development.
We brengen concepten tot leven en leggen complexe onderwerpen uit aan uw publiek. Abstracte informatie toveren we om tot een helder en interessant verhaal. Denk hierbij aan interactieve video, uitleg-animatie en 3D visualisatie in een verbindend design.

Aboki is strong and experienced in the field of interactive animation, design and development.
We bring concepts to life and explain complicated subjects to your audience. Abstract information will be transformed magically to a clear and interesting story. Think of interactive video, explainer animation, and 3D visualisation in one connecting design.


In ons product komen alle bovenstaande specialisaties bijeen. We noemen dit platform Animated Modular Interactive (AMI). Het eindproduct is makkelijk aan te passen naar en af te spelen op verschillende apparaten, zowel touchscreen als muisklik. De kijker kan zo participeren op veel meer manieren dan alleen kijken. Ze kunnen de animatie zelf bedienen d.m.v. touchscreen of muisklik, antwoord geven op vragen, of naar eigen keuze naar andere onderdelen gaan.

All the above specialisations come together in our platform. We call it Animated Modular Interactive (AMI). This end-product is easily adaptable and runs on different devices and platforms. The user can participate is much more ways than just watching. They can control the animation with simpel finger touches or mouseclicks, answer questions, or -if he/she so wishes- jump to different scenes of the presentation.


Your sales team could guide prospects using Aboki enabled iPads. The sales manager can jump to the interesting parts while skipping the boring parts, never wasting the prospects time with irrelevant videos. And the presentation will be rich with videos and animations, like 3D visualisations of your products or animated illustrations that explain processes. You can then give your prospect an offer from the interactive offer generator tool.


Let people interact by themselves on touchscreens on your trade fare stand. Viewers -like co-workers, clients, guests, or patients- can get things explained about your products, services, or processes. They can -at any moment they wish- go more in-depth into any subject matter by a simple touch on the screen. Think of customer service support, friendly explainer animations in hospital waiting rooms, or instructional videos for the users of your products.

Call-to-action screen


Imagine giving a presentation to a large audience. With a simple iPad connected to a beamer or display you can control the timing and flow of your presentation. You can jump between any kind of content and information, video or animation, in full HD quality, in one beautifully integrated design. No more boring slides. No more annoying pausing/unpausing of videos. No more embarrassing mistakes.


 Unique animations that appeal to your audience.

 More engagement and less waste of time thanks to interactivity.

 Aboki has the experience, creativity, technology and network to produce anything without fuss.


Onze projecten krijgen vorm omdat we er hard en gepassioneerd aan werken.
We gaan van al onze creaties een beetje houden. Hieronder drie voorbeelden..

Our projects take form though our hard work and passion. We end up falling in love with all our videos.
Below are three examples…


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